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Frontend Development

We were early adapter of modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React and Vue. We have used these technologies extensively for our clients as well as for our own products. At Bluelupin,  we believe and choosing the right frontend frameworks, be it Angular, React or Vue, should be based upon characteristics specific to the given situation.

Single Page App (SPA) Development

SPA applications are the most popular form of modern web apps. SPA is made entirely using HTML, CSS and JavaScript without close integration with server side technologies like PHP, Java or ASP.NET. All the data is fetched dynamically through APIs. Following are few major advantages of SPA:

  1. No page reload. This gives a very smooth user experience to your web application
  2. Hosting is very easy and scalable as no server side technologies are involved. Application can be served even from a basic static file based hosting like AWS S3.
  3. Development and testing are very fast as frontend developer just needs to focus on frontend building blocks. This reduces development cost drastically.
  4. Future business changes can be accommodated very easily due to multi-tier architecture. This results in lower maintenance cost.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

A Progressive Web App can be considered as middle ground between a mobile app and a web app. Users access PWA through URL just like they access a regular website, but in case of PWA, user experience is more like a mobile app instead of a web app. Following are a few major features of PWA:

  1. Mobile app like user experience
  2. Discoverable through search engines
  3. Push notification support
  4. Installable
  5. Complete offline support
  6. Link shareable

Server Side Rendered (SSR) Development

Server Side Rendered (SSR) web apps are best suited for consumer facing websites where SEO and time to content are the most important criteria. Unlike SPA, SSR app make content available in advance to browser/search engine. Fast page load is directly associated with conversion rate.

SSR development takes advantage of all the modern Javascript frameworks and tools and requires Node as backend server technology.

Our Expertise

    • Angular
    • Vue
    • React
    • JQuery
    • CSS 3
    • Tweenmax
    • SASS
    • Flexbox
    • Webpack
    • Gulp
    • NPM
    • Yam

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