Technology Partnership for NGOs & Foundations.

Bluelupin, from the very start, was conceived with the vision to provide affordable and reliable technologies in India.In the last few years, we got opportunities to work with Non - profits and NGOs and we created technology solutions to enable them to effectively run their social - welfare programs.We realized that, with the use of the right technologies like mobile and internet, life improving programs can have greater social impacts.


Making difference with Technologies

While this is well known fact that technology and media play a pivotal role in welfare campaigns, NGOs and Non-profit organizations find it difficult to choose right technology partners who can provide effective and reliable solutions in a very cost effective way. Bluelupin, with the vast experience in technologies and with its content partners, provides end to end creative solutions.

  • Experience of working with NGOs and Foundations
  • Cost Effective
  • Turnkey & Customized Solutions
  • Timely Completions
  • Ideation, development and execution

Why Bluelupin?

Being the perfect CSR partner by creating the right technology product, Bluelupin’s endeavour to help companies create impactful welfare campaigns is finally paying off. From mobile app development to researching the best suitable idea for your budget and requirement, Bluelupin is determined to help integrate latest technology with the best CSR solutions.