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Business Website Development

Developing a business website is an art as well as science. This is an art, because it requires understanding of DNA of a particular brand or business and creating a business aligned user experience according to specific business. And it is also a science, because there are well tested rules of structuring the SEO content to attract and engage the user. We offer a wide variety of design options so you can find the perfect fit – When a business relies on a prepackaged web design, it risks losing its unique identity. You don’t have to worry about that with us. Our design options vary by the amount of content you require, ranging from basic blogs to forums or eCommerce sites; whichever one you choose will feature a unique layout, logos, and graphics. A well designed business website can improve sales by 30%.

Our designs are responsive to computers, tablets, and mobile devices so visitors can always experience them fully – We aren’t satisfied until we can guarantee that all of your visitors will experience your site in the way that you envisioned it. Everything we design is responsive because we understand you only get one chance to make a good impression on a visitor.

At Bluelupin, we provide soup-to-nuts business website development services. With our close working design and development teams, not only you get stunning results, but also you save time and cost. Reap the benefit of premium white glove development services.


WordPress CMS

Drupal CMS

Magento Ecommerce Platform

Custom website using open source technologies


  1. Website design and development
  2. ADA compliant websites for government, institutional, foundation and non-profit agencies
  3. Migration of old website with SEO preservation
  4. Ecommerce website
  5. Logo and illustration design
  6. Domain management
  7. Hosting

We got you covered

Our proprietary hosting platform ensures that your website is running smoothly and securely. You don't need to worry about backups and website security. Our website monitoring tools instantly and proactively give alerts about the health of your website.

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