Enterprise Resource Planning

Organizations that invest in SAP look to optimize their operations, streamline business processes, integrate separate systems, and utilize best-of-breed technologies to get ahead of their competition. Global customers rely on Bluelupin Technologies to maximize the ROI on their SAP investments.
Digitization and globalization are key factors that have made the competitive business landscape fiercer than ever before.

To win in a highly competitive environment, enterprises need to lower costs of running their businesses and enhance the usage of their applications and overall system landscape. Through our vast portfolio of services and solutions, Bluelupin Technologies helps organizations unlock the vast capabilities of their existing SAP environment to spend less on running the business and allocating more on innovation.

SAP Application Management Services

In the midst of the growing information technology complexity and ever evolving technologies and solutions, the demand for stabilized support is increasing on daily basis. Enterprises face immense challenge in delivering services effectively and achieving a breakthrough in service performance with the increasing service-level demands and IT budget restraints. Today, managing enterprise applications effectively is as critical as it is complex. Poorly tuned or outdated applications exact a significant performance cost. They diminish productivity, divert resources, and dilute the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. As a committed SAP customer, you have a lot riding on your SAP assets.

  • Improved process efficiency
  • The company’s development in response to market changes
  • Regulatory requirements; Reduced cost of ownership

Technological innovation and support for functionalities in Sales & Distribution, Materials Management, Financial Accounting, Warehouse Management, Human Resource, etc

Our focus is currently providing the support to our customers on any technical queries in SAP, providing support, Custom Software Development and Implementation. Areas which are currently in focus are FRICEW (Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Workflow).

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ABAP programs, LSMW, CATT scripts, function modules


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Transactions, ABAP programs & screens, User exits, function modules, BADIs, workflow objects, tasks


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SAP scripts, smart forms, ABAP programs (driver program or include)


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ABAP programs, function modules, RFC enabled function modules, IDoc processing function modules


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ABAP programs, function modules, RFC enabled function modules, IDoc generating function modules


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ABAP report programs, ABAP Query


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Workflow objects, Tasks, custom abap programs (interactive report programs)


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Gateway, BOPF, UI5 technologies