Tri Marine Operations Portal

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    MS SQL Server

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    Microsoft Azure

Client Overview

Since 1972, Tri Marine’s dedicated team of experts and strategically located supply sources and offices have been serving customers with diversified and optimized supply chain solutions. Tri Marine has built a vast wealth of knowledge and garnered extensive experience in the fish business over the years. Tri Marine is into fishing, trading, processing, and marketing of tuna products in various formats. It has significant presence in all tuna producing areas and dedicatedly provides custom supply solutions to its global customers. Due to global presence and associated operational challenges, Tri Marine decided to leverage web based technological solutions to deliver on its growth requirements. There were many aspects to this web based transitional requirement and it needed a bankable partner to deliver a flawless system. It was evident that a cloud based central operations portal is necessary for seamless tracking and reporting of its Tuna services. Tri Marine collaborated with Bluelupin Technologies for developing and executing the operations portal and achieving its business and operational goals.

The Challenges

With 10 offices, 11 fisheries, and 19 processing facilities, Tri Marine’s Tuna Service (TTS) operations were spread across the globe — from Bilbao (Spain) and Piacenza (Italy) in Europe to Majuro (Marshall Islands) and Pago Pago (American Samoa) in Asia-Pacific. This expansive geographic distribution made uniform operations for Tri Marine extremely cumbersome and the need for a central system for tracking and reporting on TTS operations was felt across the board. The task to build and manage such a central system was not only difficult, but also demanded extensive technological expertise and delivery assurance in implementation. Another requirement was enabling a provision of universal access to this central operations portal to refer stored operational data of TTS’ finished goods. All in all, these requirements mandated the creation of a comprehensive enterprise solution to take care of Tri Marine’s evolving operational needs.

Bluelupin also understood that there is a certain need of electronic data exchange with upstream and downstream processes/external systems, so that data entry and invariable human errors can be minimized and avoided from propagating into the entire supply chain. Providing granular control was another challenge as this requirement necessitated implementing access control by creating roles, user types, and user accounts. This was an important condition as it ensured limited and controlled information flow as well as integrity of data and user access. Apart from these, two other challenges were providing validation by business rule at each stage of the process and placing the infrastructure to deliver reports automatically as per a predetermined schedule. Additionally, a feature for exporting data to third party logistics and supply chains was also required. Overall, Bluelupin was tasked to address all these requirements while complying with Tri Marine’s as well as the industry’s standards, rules, and policies, and also fulfilling licensing and certification requirements.

Solution and Implementation

To meet all the requirements of Tri Marine and address the identified challenges, Bluelupin decided to develop an enterprise database solution on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Azure is a cloud-computing platform created by Microsoft that allows enterprises to build, deploy, and manage different applications and services. Azure’s features are a perfect fit to address all the requirements of Tri Marine as it is a secure platform capable of delivering data resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery measures. Bluelupin implemented a data exchange on platform neutral web service, exposing data to a wide array of systems and devices based on assigned roles and access control. A major ask of Tri Marine was seamless tracking and reporting, irrespective of locations or geographical constraints. For this, a comprehensive interface was built on underlying web services to provide tracing and tracking abilities to partners, third parties, and the general public. While implementing these solutions, Bluelupin adhered to the organizational policies, standards, rules, and certifications through the workflow of the new web based portal, which eventually formed the Marine Operations Portal (TOPS).


Bluelupin’s highly skilled team did not settle for less, not only all the requirements were met but also the solution was devised to deliver on all fronts of Tri Marine’s business needs. TOPS shaped up to be the perfect solution with aggregation, curation, validation and secure storage of all TTS’ operations using Microsoft Azure based database. The web portal was fully integrated to provide end-to-end solution and handle all operational needs —from beginning of the fishing trip to the processed product. The integrated web solution catered to all aspects of TTS’ operations —fishing trips, canary operations and logistics, and tracing of finished products to their sources. Now identification of a sub-par or unsatisfactory batch of canned fish became instantaneous, simple, and accurate.

Tri Marine also had a web system in place for administering and approving compliances, certifications as well as ensuring adherence to rules and standards. All these, while capturing all relevant data and artifacts in an electronic document format. Bluelupin’s delivered solution now provided a ‘fully functional version system with audit trail of the operations performed on the web portal’ to Tri Marine. TOPS also boasted platform neutral data interchange that used secure underlying web services for partners, third parties, and upstream and downstream systems. Bluelupin leveraged Microsoft Azure’s powerful services, utilized the consulting and developmental expertise of its team, and delivered on the promises that it made to Tri Marine. A robust modern web based platform-neutral data interchange platform is in place for managing Tri Marines end-to-end tuna supply service with superior compliance, control and tracing capabilities.


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