Zoomstar's Logistics Platform

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Logistics has always been a far-fetched dream from manageable operations, timely deliveries, efficient tracking, and inventory optimization. Therefore, Zoomstar's logistics platform aimed at minimizing the current uncertainty in the logistics business related to pick-ups, deliveries, fleet management, operations, e-way bills, and a centralized control to de-clutter and make the business more organized and paper-free.the platform is India’s first Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven online logistics solution offering integrated solutions for various aspects related to remote operations management, fleet management, real-time data updating, and increased control over deliveries and pick-ups.

Need of the Hour

From platform ideation to product conceptualization, Bluelupin helped Zoomstar to focus on creating a user-friendly platform with simplified design and updated technology adaptation like artificial intelligence and machine learning. All this was being done keeping in mind the diverse set of people who were supposed to use the platform like managers, drivers, key stakeholders etc.

To achieve this, Zoomstar suggested platform features that could help managers leverage on clutter-free overall operations management in real-time from a single location:

  • Control Center : Helping managers maintain paper-free records and supervise everything on a single screen, the platform creates an amalgamated user-window which helps control and supervises everything from driver location to fleet availability at once.
  • Fleet Management : Essentially introduced with the motive to minimize wastage of available fleets and to micro-manage tasks without any time wastage lead to creation of fleet management. This helps user check fleet location and space availability for faster pick-ups and increased profits
  • Driver App : One of the key features of Naaviq the Driver app is helping drivers update real-time delivery slips, required support, and receive notifications for E-way bills and documents. This can help plan better for possible delays, accidents, and other emergency. Also, real-time delivery slip updation will prevent misplaced slips and lead to increased accountability.
  • E-way Bills : Helping drivers generate bills and receive notifications while driving along with QR codes that can be scanned and share at the control center help generate E-way bills with ease. Also, it minimizes the possibility to miss out on any required documents by sending customized alerts. It can be accessed while driving without having to stopover.
  • IOT Platform : An Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled platform makes it dynamic to meet client’s requirement and provide valued service to stakeholders and all those involved. Technology support helps update data and information in real-time while providing support to the manager from control center.

Engineering Results

With a vast experience of working on a variety of breakthrough projects, Bluelupin was able to deliver a compact yet effective user-interface for Zoomstar which is multi-functional. With several out of box features and an easy-to-navigate platform design, the platform is attracting interest from industry experts and clients. It is also being touted as the next big thing in the logistics industry for operations management. With several features to boast of, the platform is engineered to take on the modern day logistics requirement to simplify tasks and offer result-worthy solution. From providing driver support to fleet management, the platform aims at digitizing routine logistics operations with increased flexibility and information availability.


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