Maxxis Tyres Premium Tyre Manufacturers

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Client Overview

Maxxis Tyres known to be one of world’s most trusted brands for making premium quality tyres and having presence in more than 180 countries and employs more than 30,000 people worldwide. After standing decades long of years in distributorship in India, Maxxis started its own arm of business in India in 2014. The sub-company of Maxxis Group, Maxxis Rubber India Private Limited is building its first manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Dedicated to the manufacturing of two-wheeler tyres, the 400-million-US-dollar investment is only the first step of Maxxis’ full range appearance in the grand country.


Maxxis needed a modern business website for consumers as well as dealers with following features:

Consumer Website Features

  • Website should reflect the uniqueness of their brand, core values and culture.
  • It should run smoothly on all kind of devices - phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Website should be completely managed by Content Management System
  • Website should load fast and should get good ranking in GTMetrix test.
  • Website should be highly SEO optimized
  • Website product search should be lightening fast
  • Dealer search should be easy and Google map integrated.

Dealer Section

There should be a seperate section for the dealers, where dealers can register themselves. Registered dealers can perform following operations:

  • Tyre registration
  • Claim management

Helpdesk Section

Maxxis backend technical team should be able to perform following operations:

  • Verification of dealers
  • Claim verifications and Approval


Marketing and content team should be able to content of the consumer website dynamically. CMS should provide a easy way to manage the content and media.


Tech Stack

  1. WordPress website won’t cut it due to its performance, bloated features and security point of views. We also need to integrate the website with other systems like Dealer Portal, Helpdesk System etc. So we built a Custom CMS solution which is laser focused and high performance.
  2. For backend web framework, we chose Laravel 5.7 due to its performance, high productivity and security features. Following are few important packages we used:
    1. NOVA - for CMS
    2. Horizon - for managing the job queue
    3. Scout - for search integration
  3. For forms and dynamic pages and sections, we used Vue framework due to its high performance and productivity.
  4. For search, we used cloud based search service “Algolia”
  5. Database - AWS Aurora MySQL 5.7
  6. Email - SendGrid
  7. SMS - Text Local

Hosting Architecture

Bluelupin created a secure and scalable hosting architecture on AWS using best practises for high performance web application:

  1. Load balancer - NGINX
  2. Multiple NGINX web app instances with Opcache enabled
  3. Redis for Queue, Caching and Session management
  4. AWS Aurora MySQL 5.7 for scalable, secure and managed database service
  5. S3 for document and media storage
  6. CloudFront configured to S3 endpoint for CDN
  7. Automated deployment using Git hooks and shell scripts

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