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  • iOSAndroidMobileKonnectCMSNon-profit
    Rishi Chintan

    This app help you initiating systematic Gayatri Sadhana & ritual of Yagya, which is foundation of Indian culture promoted by Vaidik Rishis.

    Rishi Chintan App is a collection of articles, stories and quotations published in renowned Spiritual Magazine Akhand Jyoti (source of inspirations for millions ), written by Vedmurti, Taponishtha Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya. He was a rishi of the present age whose heart breathed with divine love for all. His writings carry the force of his enlightened inner self and have the power to make his thoughts reach deep into the minds and hearts of the readers.

    The seers and sages (rishis) of the Vedic Age had a reach in the deepest depths of human psychology and the mysteries of Nature. One will find same depths in these articles. The articles have scientifically explained the spiritual aspects, creative integration of modern and ancient sciences and religion - in a manner, most relevant and necessary in the present circumstances of human life.


    Bluelupin developed Rishi Chintan mobile app with it's proprietary mobile platform 'MobileKonnect' which provides most powerful CMS to dynamically change the content. The app has interesting and comprehensive articles on the subtle science of Yoga & sadhana, research directions on brain and consciousness, personal transformation, Changing era to satyug (yug parivartan), discussions on child psychology and family institutions, information on healthy food, art of living and many more.

    • Most powerful mobile CMS for native app on iOS and Android
    • Complete offline mode supported
    • 50,000 users and daily 1000+ active users
    • Audio book integration
    • eMagazine integration
    • Integration with legacy system
  • .NetAzureEnterpriseAutomation
    Trimarine OIS

    Tri Marine International, Inc. engages in fishing, processing, trading, and marketing tuna raw material and products worldwide. Its activities include market intelligence, production planning, voyage planning, logistics, trading, quality assurance, financing, and consultation and development. The company’s customers include tuna brands, tuna processing plants, fishing companies, and others. Tri Marine International, Inc. was founded in 1971 and is based in Bellevue, Washington with additional offices in North America, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, Indian Ocean, and Europe.


    OIS is a windows desktop application created to facilitate Tri Marine’s cannery operations. The application is divided into modules of functionality that closely corresponds to the various cannery stage and the related user functions needed. Traceability is a windows azure website application to ease that all tuna products in Tri Marine's supply chains are fully traceable to the vessel and trip dates, and that this information is disclosed upon request through the online system. Bluelupin has worked closely with project sponsor for a detailed project planning and a control including developing and maintaining a detailed project plan, managing project deliverables in line with the project plan, monitoring project progress and performance through definition of timely deployments and user acceptance testing, providing status report to the project sponsor.

    • Well structured agile based development model
    • Real time reporting
    • Resilient architecture to accommodate different requirements for different clients
    • Continuous integration
    • Unit testing and test automation
  • Wordpress

    Bluelupin is have long association with Crescerance Inc. and is closing working with Crescerance Inc. as development partner. Crescerance is in education space and wanted to have ADA compliant version of their business website.

    ADA also known elaborately as the American Disabilities Act was first passed in the year 1990, and in September 2010, the Department of Justice (DOJ) published the “Standards of Accessible Design”, which states that all things related to electronic and information technology should be accessible to people with limited abilities, so that they can use the services as anyone else.


    Bluelupin developed the ADA website is in compliance with ADA guidelines. We made sure that while making the website adhering to ADA guidelines, website should not loose its business branding and marketing appeal.

    • Created development guidelines and framework for creating ADA compliant websites
    • Followed HTML best practices for accessibility
    • Used tools to find out gaps from the guidelines
    • Ensured that website should pass ADA compliance test
  • ARAndroidWindowsAzureGamingEntertainment
    Mystery Chamber

    The client is adventure game company and provides actual 'escape' rooms. An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of “escape the room” video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations, and are popular as team building exercises.


    Bluelupin is working on automation on most of the tasks which are currently manual and also 'modernizing' the game using Augmented Reality (AR).  Bluelupin worked on following systems
    • Puzzle Management Module: It is responsible for creating / managing puzzles, hints and has ability to predict and suggest next move by the gamers. This module will also enable admin to print “smart - tags” for the hints. Smart Tags can be printed and placed at strategic locations which the gamers can scan and get information using an Android based app.
    • Communication Module: This module is responsible for communication between the admin and the rooms. The communication may occur via audio or video. Admin should be able to use this module to send messages across to a particular room. This module is also responsible for IoT communication
    • Android App: This app is utilized by gamers to find and scan the tags and get useful tips.
    • Booking Module: The responsibility of this module is to book rooms in advance
    • Certificate and Id Module: This module is responsible for issuing certificate after the game is over and identifying a customer.
    • Room Management and User Management: This provides for granular control over each feature of the room and user access on the admin control.

    • Augmented Reality
    • Smart Tags
    • Highly scalable and resilient architecture based on Azure cloud services
    • Easily configurable and extensible modules
    • Booking engine and payment gateway integration
  • LaravelAngularAWSDevOps

    PushKonnect is a push notification service platform for developers. Developers can easily integrate push notification functionality in their app within minutes using this platform.


    Bluelupin built this platform in the need of providing highly scalable push notification framework for the MobileKonnect mobile development framework. Integration of push notification requires multiple steps, testing and accurate reporting. PushKonnect provides all the necessary tool to easily integrate and manage push notification in your app. The application has following main systems:
    • Admin portal to manage the apps, certificates and test the integration
    • Reporting and analytics
    • REST API

    • Built on the top of AWS cloud services
    • Auto scaling for handling million of notifications
    • Detailed reporting for each push notification, drilled down to each device
    • Scheduled Notifications
    • SDK for C# and PHP server applications
  • LaravelAngularAWSDevOpsWordPress

    Millpond is high performance managed, cloud based WordPress hosting. This product is especially made for web designing companies which struggle with complex hosting technologies. This product makes development


    Millpond solves following major problems for WordPress website designers:
    1. Though WordPress is most trusted CMS, there are plenty of plugins which can badly hurt the performance or even can completely bring down the website by corrupting data. Therefore, working directly on  production site should be completely restricted.
    2. Even if we have a separate development WordpPress website, migration to the production site, every time we make changes, is time consuming as well as error prone.
    3. Frequent manual migrations means - large development cycles as well as increased development cost.
    Millpond solves above problem with easy to create multiple environments for development, testing and production. Millpond also has proprietary migration technology to migrate website from one environment to other very quickly. This makes development process a breeze.

    • High performance web server with Nginx on frontend and Apache as reverse proxy server
    • High speed migrations from one environment to other
    • Automatic backup and restoration
    • Firewall, server health monitoring and logs
    • Free SSL using Let's-encrypt
    • Build on top of AWS
  • iOSAndroidMobileKonnectAngularSPAHelpdesk

    Simple, fast and reliable customer service platform. First Angular SPA and mobile based helpdesk system.


    Bluelupin built this platform to provide most efficient way to run customer service helpdesk. Application provides a super easy way to create helpdesk workflow for small to large complex businesses. It has following sub components:
    • Agent shift management
    • Agent leave management
    • Customer mobile and web apps
    • Agent mobile and web apps
    • SLA Management

    • Automatic escalations
    • Real time reports
    • Multi-channel notifications - push, SMS and email
    • 50,000 users and daily 1000+ active users
    • Multitenant with custom branding
    • Quickly create ticket by sending email simply
    • Easy file and image uploads
  • .NetAzureEnterpriseAutomation

    A mobile platform that can save 70% time and 60% cost to launch your business app in the market. MobileKonnect provides most powerful content management system for native iOS and and Android apps.


    MobileKonnect is a turn-key solution to create iOS and Android apps with readymade features. Client can manage app data using MobileKonnect App Management Portal. Portal also provides functionalities to manage the branding, app version and notifications.

    • More than 25 readymade templates like home page, product list, staff list, image gallery, video gallery, form builder, document list, document viewer, html viewer, web viewer, google map, etc.
    • Premium features like chat, helpdesk and ecommerce integration
    • REST API plugin to integrate with any external system
    • Full offline mode
    • Instant and scheduled push notification
    • On the fly content changes through App management portal
    • Multilingual support
    • Social media integration
    • Flexible content aggregator
    • Easily configuration for securing the data and screen
    • Mark any record or screen as favorite to access it easily in future
  • .NetAngularsAzure

    EmbrDocs is cloud based document management system which can be integrated into any existing system using various integration components supported by it. The client wanted to build an enterprise grade scalable and secured document management system. The challenge was that the system should be flexible enough so that it can be integrated to any existing system seamlessly and also it should be built on industry recognized frameworks so that it can be used for enterprise customers.


    Bluelupin built the solution using .NET Web API, Microsoft Azure cloud services and Angular 4 frameworks. System can be used in following ways:
    • Standalone SPA web application with SSO
    • As a Widget with supported SDK
    • As an Iframe web application
    • REST API integration

    • Multi-tenant system with customized branding to monetize system as a SaaS
    • High security framework using JWT authentication and authorization policy framework
    • High performance document content and metadata search using Azure cloud search services
    • Sleek Angular 4 SPA web app
    • Enterprise grade security on documents
  • LaravelAWSEnterprise

    Winery Operation Planning - Winery operations planning application that various stakeholders can review and plan out the blending and distribution of wine across a complex winery network.


    The client needed a solution to plan all the steps required to blend, ship and bottle the wine. We have been working closely with the client throughout the development of application. Application has simplified the communication across the organization, improved wine quality and reduced operation costs. Application also has modules spanning harvest scheduling, bulk wine distribution planning, fermentation tasting notes, long term grape/bulk planning and much, much more.

    • Agile based development model
    • Multi-tenant system
    • Deep analytics and reporting
    • Integration with legacy system
  • MagentoEcommerceLifestyleHealthcare

    Blue Nectar offers Ayurvedic Beauty; Wellness products for men and women. The client makes their own proprietary luxurious Ayurvedic product using contemporary Ayurveda. These products are not just cosmetic aid but also have holistic positive effect on the body due to rich herbal nutrition. The client offers four niche categories which include Radiant Face care, Lush Hair care, Glowing Skin care and Health & Wellness. All these products are suitable for all skin types. The products are available at the their outlets and online retail store.


    The client wanted to build the online store to sell all the products. The wanted to have a good looking responsive website which can be easily accessible on the mobile devices also. SEO integration was a very important requirement. Bluelupin build the website using most popular e-commerce platform Magento. A responsive theme was selected and customized as per the client's requirement. A easy to use page layout was carefully constructed so that users easily find relevant product and information. Bluelupin also assisted in creating the product catalog and uploading the data into the system.

    • Modern Magento responsive theme and customization
    • Product catalog, popular categories, similar products setup
    • Payment gateway integration
    • SEO
    • Full managed hosting with auto backup and recovery
  • WordPressCMSLifestyleMillpond

    Blueterra Spa is one of the largest chain of contemporary day spas in Delhi NCR. With 9 day spas in Delhi NCR you are not far from rejuvenation and relaxation wherever in Delhi NCR you are. Relaxing treatments performed by trained therapists in hygienic and relaxing ambience at affordable prices is the promise of Blue Terra Spa.


    Blueterra wanted to get highly engaging marketing website which can show all the offerings, services and location in a very user friendly way. Bluelupin developed the website using WordPress CMS. A very beautiful theme was selected and customized as per the requirements. All the content from old website was migrated to new website flawlessly with preserving the SEO. Bluelupin is also managing the hosting of the website using it's proprietary high performance WordPress hosting platform - Millpond.

    • Modern WordPress responsive theme and customization
    • Map and appointment  scheduler integration
    • Mailchimp integration
    • SEO perseverance while migration
    • Full managed hosting with auto backup and recovery
  • iOSAndroidAngularAzureHealthcare

    GoMedii gives you instant access to an e-pharmacy which you can use to buy medicines from approved medicine stores in your neighborhood. You can order prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that are delivered free of cost at your doorstep.


    Bluelupin developed complete backend system and mobile apps for customers, pharmacy, helpdesk executives and accounting.  Complete solution has following sub-systems:
    1. iOS and Android native mobile apps for customers
    2. Responsive web app for pharmacy stores to process the orders
    3. Responsive web app for helpdesk executive to properly channelize the orders
    4. Responsive administration web app
    5. Native Android app for sales executive to register the pharmacy easily with precise data
    6. Native Android app for delivery executive

    • Angular 4 SPA for web apps
    • Complete end to end order and purchase workflow on mobile
    • Highly scalable and resilient architecture based on Azure cloud services
    • Highly configurable notification mechanism for multiple channels - push notifications, SMS and emails
    • Flexible user permission management
    • Google MAP API integration
    • Centralized accounting and invoicing system
  • iOSTwilioLifestyleEcommerce

    exactly.me is the first platform that captures and analyzes a user's authentic emotion about your company’s products. Platform has been transformed from photo based messaging, social sharing platform for honest self-expression.


    Bluelupin Technologies, as a software development company executed as a product development partner by putting in its best tech resources, following agile development processes to keep development at a fast pace while also keeping it flexible enough to handle changing business needs.

    On successful app installation, you can share your opinion – positive or negative - on any photo, like you would do in real life. This is a different and special experience. You can upload your own photos of life experiences (activities, traveling, etc.) too and express your opinion. Other users can tag your photos with their opinions – “Me” or “So Not me”. The app offers a true to life and engaging experience to its users.

    • Customized iOS UX components for card swap gesture
    • Twilio chat integration
    • Custom smart recommendation engine
    • Detailed analytics
  • LaravelAngularAWSLMSAndroidWindows

    Vodafone Foundation India and Hand in Hand India wanted to build a mobile based learning management system (LMS), especially targeted to education deprived people. This platform should deliver highly engaging learning content with the help of visual and audio to explain the concept and should also provide various functionalities to keep learners interested in the courses.


    Bluelupin developed the learning management system along with the learning material for a digital literacy program initiated by Hand in Hand India. Total number of beneficiary are more than 1,00,000 from the rural area of southern India. Whole system was designed in a way so that app can work completely in offline mode and user doesn't need to install it from play store. Considering there is internet availability problem in rural area, app was designed to work completely in server-less mode. If a trainer needs to add a new tutorial, it can be directly injected into app through SD card. There is no need to connect to the server in order to get the latest content, however, if internet is available, app can load latest data directly from the server. Bluelupin was engaged in creating the learning material which includes videos, illustration and text material to effectively explain the concepts related with digital literacy.

    • LMS to create complete hierarchy  - courses, chapters, topics and tutorials
    • Android phone/tablet and windows desktop apps can work without internet connectivity
    • Multilingual - supporting 7 local languages
    • User has choice to choose which topics should be available completely offline
    • Trainers can design Tutorials and quizzes easily
    • Centralized media repository with automatic CDN integration
    • Multilingual, instant and scheduled push notifications
    • User role and permission management
    • Trainers can easily bundle course, chapter or topic in a zip file to support as a offline package
  • iOSAndroidMobileKonnectCMSReal Estate
    Gaur Cascade

    Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Gaur Cascades society wanted to have its exclusive app to connect and collaborate with 1000 families of Gaur Cascades.


    Bluelupin developed  Gaur Cascades's official mobile app with it's proprietary mobile platform 'MobileKonnect' which provides most powerful CMS to dynamically change the content.  This app provides features and utilities to connect, communicate and collaborate residents and RWA management of Gaur Cascade Society. Using this app, residents can
    • Get daily announcements from RWA
    • Receive the official circulars
    • Get the society event calendar
    • See the RWA Staff list and contact details
    • Access to residents list and contact details
    • Get car parking details
    • Enjoy the image gallery of society’s event
    • Get the social media feed of society
    • Get the society classifieds
    • Locate near by amenities and utilities
    • Access the complaint management system
    • Participate in election, survey and feedback
    • Pay the maintenance bills

    • Most powerful mobile CMS for native app on iOS and Android
    • Complete offline mode supported
    • Daily 500+ active users
    • Scheduled push notifications
    • Public and secured screens
  • iOSAndroidMobileKonnectCMS

    Patanjali Group is US $1.6 Billion, fasted growing Indian FMCG company.  Group also runs hospitals and education institutes. A solid mobile strategy was needed to engage customers and followers.


    Bluelupin developed Patanjali Group's official mobile app with it's proprietary mobile platform 'MobileKonnect' which provides most powerful CMS to dynamically change the content.  App has more than 5,00,000 users and showcasing more than 300 products. This app gives a glimpse about the kind of work Patanjali Yogpeeth has been doing towards the well being for everyone and gives us information about its products, services, events and yoga videos to get benefited by the values provided by Patanjali.

    • 5,00,000+ users
    • Most powerful mobile CMS for native app on iOS and Android
    • Complete offline mode supported
    • 50+ screens
    • Events, products, stores and hospitals listing
    • Payment gateway integration
    • Push notification scheduling
    • Social media aggregation