CMS based Native Mobile App Platform


World’s most advance and powerful mobile content management system.
Manage your mobile content without breaking a sweat.


Leverage Interactive Mobile Brochures

Do not wait for weeks to redesign and get a printed brochure. Use our beautiful app as an interactive brochure and detailed visuals for a stunning presentation.


Share your project photos in a photo gallery. With slide, pinch, zoom-in & zoom-out options, let your customers take pleasure in property selection.


View, Share and More.

Allow them to share pictures on social media and email for additional marketing buzz.


Offline, But Always Connected

Give your customers and potential buyers all the details of your realty projects on their fingertips regardless of their geographic locations. Engage with them both online and offline.

content management

Advanced Content Viewing & Management

Smoothly edit the content of your app anytime, anywhere with our proprietary Konnect App Management Portal, KAMP, for advanced user experience. No technical knowhow needed to operate and completely flexible with tablets.

clean imac

CleanView Technology

Easily create responsive readable content view even from cluttered non-mobile friendly web pages.


Effortless Map Viewing & Navigation

Enable your prospects to effortlessly navigate to your project’s geolocation from their location using in-built GPS-enabled navigation support. Easy access to project’s location on mobile devices means more visitors.


Maximize Your ROI With Analytics

Understand your target customers and redefine your marketing strategy with detailed analytics of app usage, number of downloads, platform-wise downloads, most and least used screens, most shared data, user location, etc.


Push Notifications For Inactive Leads

Re-activate your dozed-off leads, millions at a time, with push notification messages sent directly from the app, instantly or schedule for a specific time. Retarget your prospects in an economical way.


Form Builder

Quickly create forms to collect survey or feedback data from users.

product catalog

Product Catalog

Easily create product catalog with search and offline features. Integrate it with your Magento Ecommerce Website.



Add ebook functionality in your app in minutes with Epub and PDF formats.

tile builder

Content Aggregator

Create engaging content with content aggregator supporting Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Feedburner and custom content.

staff directory

Staff Directory & Better Customer Service

Enable your prospects to quickly call, SMS or email your executive for hands-on assistance and great customer service. Also, allow them to save in-app contacts in the phone’s native address book.

Secured Content

User Registration and Secured Content

Simple and reliable SMS based user registration process. Securely serve private content to target users.

Customised Video Streaming

Easily create customised video streaming application with our highly scalable and secured video streaming feature.


Audio Play

Want to get app for your audio-book or podcast? Get in done in minutes.


Event Listing

Native List, Day, Week and Month view of event list. Event can be also added to native calendar and available offline.


External REST API Integration

When you know that you can connect any REST API to your app in a few minutes, it opens a door for enormous possibilities, what you can do with your app. Integrate your app with your own custom APIs or connect to the third party APIs like WooCommerce, Salesforce, Shopify, OpenTable etc. Get the instant appreciation from your customers.


Faster Custom Functionalities using Plugins

You love our platform because it offers so many great functionalities out of the box, but you still need a custom functionality for your app. No problem, our Plugin API enables our developers to build custom functionalities quickly. Get the best of both worlds – CMS based platform with custom functionalities specific to your business. Save money and time on app development.

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