Enter the mobile world, and give your business a “U-Turn”!

MobileKonnect – The most innovative, remarkable and groundbreaking Mobile Content Management System to supercharge your mobile content – effortlessly!


Jumpstarting Your Business!

Making a strong presence in this ever-changing world is not easy, and you need one-of-a-kind solutions that can actually help you understand your target audience and revolutionize your brand. That’s where MobileKonnect steps in.

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Mobile presence is about creating opportunities.

It is about seizing opportunities when they come your way. If you want to establish yourself as an authority, you need to understand this. The skill to creating a successful mobile presence lies only in following an EASY step-by- step process! Luckily for you, we have that process, and we’re here to pass on that revolutionary service to you. Right from requirement analysis, App UX design, content collection, testing, hosting, monitoring and more, MobileKonnect leaves no stone unturned to help you grow your business.

Imagine ending the struggle to engage clients when you know they’ll be lining up at your business, using your top-quality services.

Imagine having the gift of word of mouth! No need to advertise yourself on expensive channels, shed out hundreds of posters, or hiring experts to design marketing campaigns, when you can sit back, knowing everyone is going to be talking about your reliable services.

The best part is it cost you very little! A tiny investment for a massive return! Understand your target market and make a smart move!

Imagine being able to grow a business and extend your services, and making decent profits.

There’s no smoke and mirrors here, and what you see is exactly what you get.

You’re not just getting more customer engagement with us, but a strong brand! We want to genuinely improve your business in the real world; this isn’t just some “virtual gimmick”!

Our Clients

We take the time to openly communicate with our clients, understand exactly what you need, and we do the heavy work putting together your plan to make sure you get where you need to be, fast.

MobileKonnect is the best example, what can a technology do if it is adopt in the right way. We have been using MobileKonnect app for almost one year and there is not a single day, when we haven’t appreciated the app. It has given us a platform to communicate and collaborate in a very productive manner. While their technology is key differentiator, we are very impressed with their excellent support. We want to say thank you to MobileKonnect team on the behalf of all residents of Gaur Cascades.

Gopal Dixit
Resident, Gaur Cascades

The team is very flexible and technically sound. The smoother integration of our existing legacy system with BlueLupin’s CMS based MobileKonnect platform – makes our life a lot easier for maintaining this app. Its not just technical solution but their involvement, communication and understand in each phase was amazing.

Kuldeep Pandey
All World Gayatri Pariwar

Bluelupin provided work above and beyond all our expectations. The quality of the work provided was simply exceptional. Excellent turn-around time, on-time delivery and pioneering quality. This was our second attempt at CMS based Android mobile application and MobileKonnect proved our decision right. I am overwhelmed with the great response and support I got from their end.

Pushpendra Bhati
Rainbow School

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we can make sure you get the biggest profit margin possible, and tailor fit our mobile strategy specifically for you!

Cut out that soul-crushing task of mobile marketing when the legwork has been done for you.