Enterprise mobile development just doesn’t need deep understanding of mobile technologies, but also complex backend technologies.

That’s where we clearly differentiate ourselves. We know both ends of technologies very well. Our smooth approach of collaborating with multiple geographically dispersed teams makes us ideal development team for enterprise grade products. Our experience in finance, retail, banking and education mobility solutions and expertise in Mobile platform as a service, bring unique value proposition.

The major challenges with mobile development are rapidly changing technologies and cross devices support. When it comes to enterprise development, challenges become double fold. A poorly designed app doesn’t last even for few weeks. Mobile users are not forgiving. A crash or minor vulnerability can turn off users and can cause severe damage.

A thoughtful architecture and disciplined development can significantly minimize those impacts. That’s why our engineering teams majorly focus on choosing the right design, components and frameworks to make highly robust and flexible architecture. Our agile development approach is to keep development in fast pace and at the same time, flexible enough to handle changing business needs.

Our core competencies

[ivan_icon_box ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” size=”fa-3x” title=”Native Platforms” animation_iteration=”1″ c_id=”.vc_1496142256003″ icon_css=”color:#58a4b0;color-hover:#58a4b0;” ico=”mobile”]iOS, Android and Windows Phone

[/ivan_icon_box][ivan_icon_box ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” size=”fa-3x” title=”Analytics” animation_iteration=”1″ c_id=”.vc_1496142263223″ icon_css=”color:#58a4b0;color-hover:#58a4b0;” ico=”bargraph”]
Google, Localytics, Azure Mobile Engagement, Apple Analytics


[ivan_icon_box ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” size=”fa-3x” title=”Frameworks” animation_iteration=”1″ c_id=”.vc_1496142224923″ icon_css=”color:#58a4b0;color-hover:#58a4b0;” ico=”tools-2″]Xamarin, PhoneGap, Cordova, Ionic

[/ivan_icon_box][ivan_icon_box ico_family=”el el-” icon_style=”normal” size=”fa-3x” title=”App Testing” animation_iteration=”1″ c_id=”.vc_1496142273056″ icon_css=”color:#58a4b0;color-hover:#58a4b0;” ico=”beaker”]
Functional, usability, security, memory leak and performance testing


Why choose us?

Our teams actively participate in product conceptualization and business analysis. Our architects don’t just think about application architecture but also they try to use reusable, industry verified frameworks to speed up development and reduce the overall cost. Also QA, security, automated deployments and backups, live production checkpoints and support are critical consideration of our overall product engineering strategy. Our certified project managers ensure that various development teams are collaborating efficiently and development is going at right pace.

Got a question?

Our commitment to excellence in all that we do is second to none. We would love to hear about your challenges and explain the possibilities. We also make a lovely cuppa, so why not give us a call or bob in for chat?

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