Mobile App for Businesses

Five reasons why you need an Mobile app for YOUR business

My business is a small business; who will use my app?

Think about it. You are small because you are not leveraging the technologies and tools at hand. Big business are big because they are using technology to their benefit.

Unless you create a brand value; you understand where your businesses is heading with stats supporting it; you might not be able to make it big. In today’s world; you don’t get big and then invest in tech; its rather other way round; you invest in tech to get big.

Think about that. Again.

I have a website with SEO? That suffices my need.

While having a website is a good start; it might not be enough for the tech savvy customers. A mobile app has key competitive advantage like unmatched user engagements, location awareness and above all user retention and it speaks volumes about your business and brand loyalty. Most successful businesses have a great website and an awesome native app.

Do you remember the links you opened on browser, yesterday?

Hard to remember? OK. after that question; now contrast the situation to below one:

Do you even have to think twice before using an app you installed few days back? and with the awesome features it had. Now think that your business had an app and the possibilities which comes along with it. Trust me; you will provide your business a NEW DIMENSION with native mobile app.

My business is already on aggregater which opens my business to millions of users.

This one is tricky. You may get the sales; but are you really counting your customers? Confused? read on…

No user retention

If you are a supplier and are getting business from content aggregates or e-business platforms; do remember that while these platforms may be good for discovery and reach-ability these aggregaters provide for; they may not establish you as a key player in the market because the brand value is missing.

Ask someone from where you have bought that cool gadget; and the answer will be an e-commerce platform. Ask the seller name and 95% of the buyers have no clue. You might have best product; you might work tirelessly to work up the the ladder among all the sellers which might be trying as hard as you are. You make a SALE. But the buyer is pleased with the e-commerce aggregater!!! You have created almost no impression for repeat business!!!

OK, you might get some stats about “buyer behavior” but so do your all competitor sellers on the platform. That levels out any advantages, if there are any!!!

What about YOUR Business USPs?

Every business has an USP; an aggregater offers standard features for every business. Where do you put those exciting features you always thought of which makes you stand apart from crowd?

Mobile apps need tech expertise; its complex, time consuming and involves lot of money.

The answer to above is YES. App development requires tech people of diverse capabilities like server side, ios / android specific platforms which keeps on eveloving every six months. But the answer is simple;

Get an app for YOUR business for YOUR Brand from state-of-art CMS based platform offered by Bluelupin – MobileKonnect.

Among other features it provides you an app with YOUR logo and YOUR branding. All with in hours. All with in budget of a website.

Folks at MobileKonnect are super cool and they can shell out custom featured app with in hours.

The artificial intelligent powered analytics will provide you insights into user behaviors and patterns you never imagined before.

Do not think anymore; what do you have to loose??

Take that step ahead. Call or email now and i promise you this is one decision you will ever cherish.

Life improving apps for communities with MobileKonnect

Life improving apps for communities with MobileKonnect

If you notice, in developing countries like India, mobile networks are more reliable than electricity and water governance. Today, mobile technologies are being used in digital identity, connected society, remote assistance for farmers, remote diagnosis of infant illness and providing secure and shift financial services.

Following are a few interesting facts about developing countries in the context of mobile technologies:

  1. 7.5 Billion — Total projected mobile network connections by 2020
  2. 4.6 Billion — Unique subscribers
  3. 262 million — have access to mobile networks while don’t have access to improved drinking water
  4. 643 Million — have access to mobile networks while don’t have access to electricity
  5. 1.8 Billion — have access to mobile networks while don’t have access to improved sanitation
  6. 290 — Mobile money services are available across 92 countries
  7. 450 Million — people have registered for mobile money accounts while 2 Billion people remain unbanked

The internet is the most imperative empowering agent of social advancement and monetary development of modern technology era.
Mobile already helps more than 3 billion people get online and benefit and contribute to a digital economy. We can open human potential towards connected society through the mobile technologies.

Bluelupin Technologies developed mobile platforms like MobileKonnect and Samvaad to foster the advancement of impactful mobile app solutions for socio-economic growth

MobileKonnect is a very cost effective platform to develop a mobile solution for communities, educational institutes, hospitals and business like e-commerce, real-estate and retails. It has almost all the features which are required for the regular mobile app to connect, engage and collaborate with others. What makes it special is that it allows you to manage the content of the app without the need of special training. Our team provides white global services for content structuring, user experience and mobile marketing. We have removed the barrier of technology awareness and development team dependencies to focus on things which are more important for our customers — powerful content to reach and engage the audience. This kind of quick and deep engagement brings different benefits for difference purposes. For a community app, engagement means right communication among the followers. For a educational institutes, engagements means involvement of students and parents in the right and productive way. For a business, engagement means understanding user behavior and help them to find relevant offered services or products.

Samvaad is a learning management system, especially targeted to education deprived people. This platform delivers highly engaging learning content with the help of visual and audio to explain the concept and also provides various functionalities to keep learners interested in the courses.

Our new strategic direction has focused us to strive for becoming a key enabler in mobile-enabled impact: Connect, Collaborate and Cultivate. Believing in not just making customers, but also communities.

App Development for Small Business – Affordable Mobile Platform Solution

App Development for Small Business – Affordable Mobile Platform Solution

In today’s digital world, it is important for small to medium business to maintain a good mobile internet presence. And the best way to do so is through a marketing app. With consumers shifting towards mobile devices to access the internet, it is a must for small to medium businesses to cater to their needs through the use of a mobile app.

For most small business owners, app development is something that they need to prioritize. However, some businesses are hesitant about creating their own app because of budget constraints. The good news is that there’s a mobile app platform that help them develop their own apps at a much lower cost.

Introducing MobileKonnect

MobileKonnect is a CMS based native mobile app platform for iOS and Android that allows you to create and manage a mobile app. It is the most powerful mobile content management system on the market today. What makes it special is that it allows you to manage the content of the app without the need of special training.

Everything a small business needs for app development is found within MobileKonnect. It has been designed to allow small to medium business owners to publish an app and maintain it with the last amount of time and effort. That way they are able to focus on their core business. Through the mobile app platform, they are able to change the content, navigation, and theme of the app whenever they want to.

Features of MobileKonnect

The native app made with MobileKonnect can be used even when the mobile device is not connected to the internet. Users are able to browse the different products or services that the business has to offer even when they are offline. Some of the things that consumers can check while they are offline are staff and product listing. It is multilingual, which is good for small businesses targeting a diverse market.

Business owners are able to choose from various functionalities out of the box that include the home screen, video and image gallery, and social media integration, just to name a few. The content of the app can be edited anytime through the proprietary Konnect App Management Portal or KAMP.

MobileKonnect allows users to add eBook functionality to their marketing app that is compatible with both PDF and Epub formats. There’s no need for users to open a separate app in order to read what the small to medium business wants to share with their market.

Another feature of the mobile app platform is its content aggregator. Business owners can easily create engaging content with the use of the feature that supports Twitter, Facebook, Feed burner and RSS, just to name a few.

The marketing app will also allow consumers to contact the business via call, SMS or email. This allows the company to provide better customer service, which can foster customer loyalty. Inactive leads can be reactivated through the push notification feature.

These are the features small to medium businesses can get when they start using MobileKonnect. It is the most cost effective way to app development. It is recommended for companies that don’t have a large budget for the endeavor.

MobileKonnect - The Smart Society Connectivity App

MobileKonnect: The Smart Society Connectivity App

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.”

Brene Brown

Today is the age of speed and everyone is always on-the-go. People are not as connected as they once used to be and and our relationships are becoming more superficial and less rewarding with every passing day.

Changes in modern society are considered to be the cause in lack of connectivity. This is especially true in the case of housing societies. We live in nuclear family units, often living large distances away from our extended family and friends, and most of us are not even aware who our neighbors are. If you are already living in a flat then you must have experienced this disconnect.

Where Does The Problem Lie

Even though housing societies have the Resident’s Welfare Association (RWA) in place to take charge of the society’s welfare, errors happen and some tasks are unseen.  This leaves the residents often feeling edgy regarding undone jobs.

The managing committee or RWA are often exhausted maintaining multiple email groups, excel sheets containing members’ contact information, vehicle details of owners while also addressing the grievances of the housing society residents.

The complaints go unheard, emails get lost and residents start getting restless over issues that are not getting resolved despite reminders and no one knows the status of the complaint raised.

With no appropriate tools, managing a residential complex takes too much of time, effort and money with a lot of inefficiency.

MobileKonnect – The Solution

As times have changed, most of us have strived to combine technology with our daily duties irrespective of the field. Thus, changing the way of maintaining the society information will also prove to be beneficial, improve efficiency, and save time and frustration.

What is required in housing societies is a system for eliminating manual processes and errors, keeping up-to-date registers and records, having greater transparency with accounts, creating repository of important documents and forms, having meetings and polling online, managing facilities in a streamlined manner and much more functionalities.

This is where the MobileKonnect app comes in. This app built with an intention to bring all residents of a society together with the help of technology to bridge the communication gap between them.

The main advantage of connected housing societies is that all the members are well connected and well informed about their surroundings. By bridging the gap between people, there is an increase in communication, and connected members can sit together to solve problems and help each other.

MobileKonnect-Goals and Benefits

Every housing society must possess technology that is able to bring the residents close together especially in this age of where people are always on the go. People should have access to discussion forums to ensure that all residents are satisfied or where they can get any issues resolved with the management.

The system should be so well-maintained such that notices should land in your inbox every time a change is made. Events, meetups, and directories should be in-built so that everyone is connected to one another.

Some of the benefits that MobileKonnect offers to its users are as follows:

  1. Paperless Circulars and Announcements- Now RWA members need not go sticking flyers on every notice board around the block. Notifications can be updated on the app for everyone to see. Additionally, the project comes across as eco-friendly as all notifications are accessible on the mobile device.
  2. Complaint and feedback using mobile – Residents do not have to take the trouble of finding the right person to discuss their grievances. Log in your complaints on your handheld device directly on the go. A full complaint management system with SLA, Priority, Email and SMS auto responder features.
  3. Society event calendar: Be informed and a part of every event in the society. Keep track of all events via the in-built calendar on the app.
  4. Society event’s gallery of images and videos: Did you or your neighbor miss out on an event and wished could catch up on the details? Update videos and images on the gallery for every member to see and enjoy the moments gone by.
  5. RWA Management Staff Directory: Know your RWA members via the staff directory within the app.
  6. Resident Directory: Always wanted to know who your neighbors are? The app provides a directory listing all residents living in and around your dwelling.
  7. Monetization using advertisement from local vendors:
  8. Online bill payment: You need not run around paying your utility bills anymore. Payments can now be easily made from the comfort of your home via the MobileKonnect app.
  9. Classifieds: Renting or selling a home? Moving out of town and want to sell your goods? Advertise on our classifieds section and get more exposure and better deals.
  10. Quick access to near by utilities and amenities.
  11. Branding and value added services, which will ensure to higher sale and rent value for flat owners.
  12. There is a good ROI on the app with even micro contribution from residents.
  13. Unlimited free push notifications
  14. Savings in cost and time by digitalization
  15. A high turnaround of residents during elections

Other additional benefits of the MobileKonnect platform are :

  1. We offer a small subscription cost for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android tablets.
  2. We offer complete CMS access to manage content
  3. The app is also supported offline
  4. There are no additional infrastructure costs
  5. Future enhancements and upgrade will be free

The MobileKonnect app is complete with a fully compliant management system to fulfill the requirements of a housing society management.



Thus, our application tries to comfort its users with easily understandable as well as essential functionalities. Here, both managing committee and residents have the same application installed with the maintenance generation and financial report generation features disabled at the resident side.

This is achieved by maintaining separate login type for both types of users. Both types of users have similar rights over remaining features like viewing and posting notices on the notice board, adding and getting notified by calendar events and accessing society member contacts and the miscellaneous contacts.

Our application is implemented to help manage the affairs of a housing society by requiring the committee member to enter and save minimal amount of information. It will allow the members of the housing society to access information about a society, its residents and the managing committee on the go.

Digital Beats Print In Real Estate: Here’s How To Conquer Digital Media

Look at this conversion table and see just how much budget can you save by investing in digital media. It is a clear case of digital beating print media.



Today’s buyer is more and more tech-savvy and hence, uses technology to solve his problems, be it buying groceries or investing in some property. Research says that more than 48% of buyers use mobile media to find their property and only a fraction of the population (<25%) is smitten by the print ads enough to check out a site.

While most (~80%) still find real estate agents useful for guiding them in the property buying process, there are applications and smarter search technologies rising to replace them through mobiles. This is nothing but the power of self-empowerment.



Because of this the median age of first-time buyers is also reducing (almost 32 years), which means people feel more at ease in investing property at an early age.



A lot of contribution to this could be given to the increasing per capita income and the recent boost in the economy. If you look at the median household income of these first-time buyers, then it is somewhere close to 65000 USD which indicates a good enough amount at their disposal for investing in a property.

Repeat buyers, on the other hand, have accumulated cash which leads to repeat purchases over a long period of time.



Also, the age of these repeat buyers is very high, implying a significant dependence on real estate agents (traditional methods of selling and purchasing) and this explains the long bar of real estate agents in the second graph.

Anyway, the point is that even these so-called aged buyers are now shifting towards mobile-based mechanisms to search for investment-worthy properties and thus, in a few days the graph is going to skew towards mobile marketing. This is not a made-up fact but proved by Google’s mobile search data where it receives 40% of real estate queries. Plus, most people never turn off their phones and prefer researching online before buying anything.

For more such facts on why mobile is the future of real estate and why print is dying a slow death, read on the infographic below:



Go mobile, Go App, Get a Mobile App!

The Top 10 Real Estate Blogs To Follow

Real estate companies have taken blogging seriously. The information that real estate websites, bloggers, and influencers are putting up in the cloud is immense. From property development to housing
market changes, generating more leads from website to branding better, there are numerous blogs to educated and initiate real estate buyers and investors for better purchasing and investing decision.

This week, I bring to you the top-tier real estate content creators from different niches, from all over the world- Top 10 real estate blogs you must follow:

#1 PropertyBytes

Category: Real estate news, Property guide, Housing Tips, Market report

Company: IndiaProperty


The official voice of the IndiaProperty, PropertyBytes maintain their focus on real estate market reports of metro cities in India especially Bangalore, Chennai. Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Pune. They also cover property guide for buyers and investors, latest news on housing and actionable tips for better housing design.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers/ Sellers [India specific]

#2 Indian Real Estate Compass (Jones Lang Lasalle)

Category: Commercial & Residential Property Development, Housing Guides, Market Insights, Real Estate Tips

Company: JLL Jones Lang Lasalle


The JLL team curates the Indian Real Estate Compass blog and gives great insights on commercial & residential real estate market worldwide.  From real estate project development & management tips to investment insights, this blog will keep you informed on latest real estate market trends in Asia Pacific.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals, Investors, Home Buyers [Asia Pacific]

#3 CommonFloor

Category: Interviews & Housing Tips

Company: Commonfloor


Come to CommonFloor and read about housing tips, from a quick DIYs to important reminders, it is a great blog for homeowners. They also divulge homeowner buying guides based on time sensitive data.  They also display interviews with industry influencers.

Audience: Home Buyers/ Sellers, Tenants [India Specific]

#4 Housing

Categories: Property Investment, Lifestyle, Tech, Data Science Lab



Housing is one of the most informative blogs on real estate in India with actionable tips and information. Based on the market changes, they blog about which property and where property buyers and investors should look at. Case studies, market comparisons, and guides are other contents they published on the blog.

Apart from the marketing and technology insights, Housing blog also gives out decor and interior tips for home buyers.

Audience: Investors, Property Dealers, Tenants, Brokers, Home Buyers/sellers [Local, Global]

#5 India Homes

Category: Real Estate Market Report, Tips & Advice, Property News, Home Decors

Company: IndiaHomes


This India-based company blog IndiaHomes offer updates on real estate marketing. Their range of stories includes the current market trends to insights for real estate developers. Other range of topic the blog covers are on actionable tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, real estate developers. They also have a large collection of Home Decor ideas.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers/ Sellers, Homeowners [India Specific]

#6 Sperry Vans Ness

Category: Real Estate Market Updates, Expert Advice, Property Management

Company: Sperry Vans Ness


A blog run by commercial real estate advisors, SVN write about the market updates in commercial real estates for developers, brokers and property sellers. They cover a wide range of topic from effective marketing tips to choosing the right advisor/consultant and property.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals- Agents, Developers, Brokers, Advisors [United States of America Specific]

#7 Boom Town

Category: Real Estate Marketing Trends, Technology

Company: BoomTown


A blog that is focused on the future marketing trends of real estate, BoomTown writes content on inbound marketing- how to grow more leads, increases ROI etc, and other marketing channels. Success stories from Real Estate Industry and actionable tips are the key takeaways of the blog.

Audience: Real Estate Marketers, Agents, Brokers [Charleston based, Global]

#8 Real Estate Marketing Blog

Category: Real Estate Online Marketing

Company: Vinny La Barbera


What are the best real estate marketing hacks, tips? How will you increase your ROI? All these question and more are being addressed by the Real Estate Marketing Blog. Written by experts after an extensive research, planning, testing and analyzing, the blog focuses on how real estate marketers should optimize their website for more leads and increase their ROI.

Audience: Real Estate Agents [Global]

#9 Property Blogs

Category: Real Estate News, Market Analysis, Finance & Economy, Global Market



This blog curates real estate industry’s trending news from all over the world. Their primary focus is, however, on Indian Property Market, latest Housing Schemes, Government Policies and Builder’s practices. Through their insightful reports, PropertyBlogs intend to make the real estate industry more transparent.

Audience: Real Estate Professionals- Investors, Consultant/ Dealers, Developers, Property Buyers/ Sellers [India Specific, Global News]

#10 A Student of the Real Estate Game

Category: Real Estate Industry- Careers, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Future of Real Estate

Company: Joe Stampone


Joe Stampone shares his tips on real estate entrepreneurship and investment in his blog- A Student of the Real Estate Game. Joe also zeroes in on the challenges of starting a real estate investment firm and tips on starting a real estate career.

Audience: Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Investors, Marketers [Global]

Do you know any other real estate blogs with commendable content? I would love to check out their blog. Do share with us in the comment below.

5 Real Estate Career Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make As A Developer

Ask any real estate developer, and they’ll not be able to tell you how much time, effort, and money has been put in moving his real estate career forward. Why? Because they do not really have an answer. Most of them have learned what works and what doesn’t the hard way and it is difficult to quantify those things. However, they can always tell you that there is a lot of work that they did that didn’t pay off.

They must have launched their most promising projects with their ‘A’ game on and did a wonderful job trying to sell it. Three months and the market rates went down and all your annual report had to show was stacked up marketing bills and no credits.

Thankfully, along the way this hard work earned them some credibility and a good name. This was the only payoff.

Today, I’m going to share some career blunders that you don’t have to go through in your career.

Mistake #1 Considering Only Here and Now

Developing and selling properties isn’t everything. “Do I want my portfolio this way and only this way?” – This must be a question you ask yourself as a developer each time you proceed with a project. Each project can prove to be a turning point in your career having positive repercussions in the years to come.

Most developers fail because they plan for here and now, and not the future. They lack a visionary approach to building. Those, not just concrete structures you are building, you’re building your portfolio too.

Keep an eye on not on five years down the line, but 10 or maybe even 20 years down the line. You might find yourself having a bulkier and more diversified portfolio. This is challenging, and for that you’ll need to up your game.

Also, try going above and beyond your position instead of having the mentality of, “It’s not my job” so that you pick up valuable skills for the future. This would give you a different perspective too and open your eyes to a picture that wasn’t visible earlier by being just a developer.

This may also call for signing up for a class where you are taught to analyze and predict market trends. Aim to change the skyline of your target cities and leave a footprint everywhere you go.

Mistake #2 Not Using Automated Services or using too much of them

Not automating certain tasks can make you fall behind your competitors, but using too much of them wouldn’t take you too ahead of them too. First consider what is the purpose of going on automation – SPEED. Making certain tasks run on automation helps you gain pace with tasks that need a more analytical approach and strategic planning, something which computers cannot do. However, this does not mean that you automate everything and lose out on the personal, human touch here.

Remember, it’s relationships that sell, not agents not features. Clients like to know they are dealing with a real, living, breathing human brand. Whether it is a phone call, an in-app notification, or a social media post that you scheduled, do not forget to add the element of human in it. For example, if you get a response on social media, do not just leave it like that. Answer the person’s query then and there and turn him into an ambassador for you. Little things like, replying fast and interacting more often will soon turn your customers into your ambassadors and you into a living, breathing brand.

Mistake #3 Not Using Social Media

When we are discussing social media, let us not forget the foundational aspect – having a social media account to connect to your prospects. And let me tell you, most top developers do not have social media accounts that people could relate to. Only agents seem to have. That’s a huge reason why developers have to shell out tons of money as incentives for their sales team.

If the prospects had that friendly connection with the developer himself, there would be no need for agents and all that unorganized sector would vanish from the real estate value chain.

In my last article on top real estate developers that are making a dent in the Indian skyline, I realized that most of them were unapproachable both by email and socially. They built a brand, an empire, but not a personal brand people can relate with. Look at Late President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; he didn’t build an empire but became a personal brand people look up to.

Mistake #4 Doing Just Enough & Not Having A Mobile App

People today like things to be on their fingertips and majority of them buy online. If they cannot find anything in the real market, they Google it up, the prices, the reviews, the news, everything. They will buy from any place that will get them access fastest and at the lowest price. But for investments like real estate they are a bit patient but more finicky.

They’ll flip through brochures, check out various listings and then finalize the property they want to invest their hard earned money in. So, when they are ready to walk that extra mile, why can’t you?Get a mobile app that showcases your projects in style and offline too. So that they can show it to their families and discuss and also share the details with their friends and see what they think of that property.

In the real world, it is not possible to showcase all properties (under consideration) to all friends and family members and choose one. For the decision maker too, it becomes quite a mountainous task to pull off without sufficient advice. Some even end up not buying anything out of the fear of investing in a not-so-profitable project.

Having a mobile app gives developers an opportunity to convince and convert such leads easily. So when the world is moving forward, do not be left behind. Instead of investing in billboards, television commercials, and printed brochures, go all out with app marketing and keep leads warm with free in-app notifications.

Mistake #5 Assuming Perfect Circumstances

“If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

This stands true for real estate as well. There is no cookie-cutter method to produce projects as each market is different with its own circumstances and challenges that need custom attention.

Is it a buyers’ market? Or is it a sellers’?

Approach every circumstance with the right perspective and don’t assume perfection! Many developers start out in the real estate business thinking they’ll have separate personal and professional lives. But guess what? It’s one and the same!

Successful developers know that 20 years of experience is just Year One repeated 20 times! If you start out any project assuming perfection in every process, you’re setting yourself right up for huge disappointment. To avoid such instances, provide yourself some cushion to fall off the cliff and bounce back up. Plan well. Planning plays a crucial role in the right execution of the vision with medium-term targets, short-term goals, etc. Do not be afraid of embracing the newest technologies.

If you feel that all these advanced technology is narrowing competency gap between developers, then you’re standing on the wrong side of life. These technologies are actually widening the gap instead as visionary developers are quick to embrace them to generate more leads and stay ahead of the curve.

An average estate developer and a successful one differ in the way they view their customers. The former will be focused on getting that one property cheque in while the latter will be aiming for repeat business.

The crux is, make a client happy and they might come back again. Delight a client and they’ll vouch for you to their friends and family! Now it’s up to you, where you want to be, in the cheque names or in your customer’s voices.

[Infographic] The Anatomy Of An Optimized Real Estate Mobile App

Why do you need to go mobile? Let’s view the expansive reach of mobile in India- there are move 100 million active internet users in India where 90% of property search are done online and 40% of property search are performed on mobile alone!

This means that a responsive website is not enough for a real estate developer. You need a dedicated mobile app for your development project. Getting a mobile app is no longer just about keeping your business at your fingertip, now it is about serving your clients better.

The benefits of having a real estate mobile app are many. Having your own app is like having a dynamic selling tool where your clients can access it anytime anywhere in place of your print brochure. Not just that, it helps you stay in touch with your customers round-the-clock and build your own brand recognition.

However, to make the best out of a real estate app, you need optimize your app. Why? Because, an optimized app helps your  outperform your competitors in terms of speed, traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. It is also to ensure that your users have a seamless user experience.

When it comes to optimizing a real estate mobile app, there are quite many details you need to look into. From onboarding to App Store Optimization, you need to have the eye for details and ensure that every element are meticulously integrated into the app.

To help you understand better, we have created an insightful infographic that gives you a detailed overview on how to design an optimized real estate app. We have included a step-by-step procedure on getting all your features right based on the best practices.

Why rely on traditional printed brochures when you can have your project details on your fingertips wherever and whenever? Opting for an optimized mobile app means you are opting for a fast, convenient and dynamic technology.