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About Us

Evolve and do better. Everytime!!

We are not only the pioneers in providing software solutions related to enterprise web development, mobile app development and consumer web technologies but also the headmost architects of your brainwork. Our solutions are “one of a kind” and thus we believe in constantly evolving ourselves, doing better every time. 

What help us deliver augmented and desired results are our ability to observe, operate and accomplish our assignments. Our collective effort and mutual cooperation acts as a catalyst in delivering outstanding outcomes. We have been empowering ourselves for over 15 years and our team comprises of insightful, intellectual and experienced candidates from some of the most esteemed Indian and International universities who strive to design products that are exemplary in presentation and at par with client’s expectations.

Our highly competent design process keeps us associated with our clients and it consist of two integral components: Research and Transparency. This keeps our clients updated with all our brainwork and developments. We also make them a part of the product-building journey thereby recording their feedback which allows us to make a product of utter importance and in demand. We ascertain that the services provided are thoroughly analysed and are in coherence with customer’s requirement. 

We apprehend the vision of our clients which enables us to transform their abstract into the desired product. We strongly believe in delivering the product as scheduled to be delivered without any delay. Having built some of the finest technology-solutions in the market we adhere to provide effective, organised and outstanding services at efficient prices because we realize the value of your time and money and we consider of utmost importance. Dedicated to build products that help turn dream into reality through various solution services. We try to devise a creative technical atmosphere that’s client-oriented and easy to function.


We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, strategists and marketing specialists.

Ashish Srivastava

Founder, CEO

Ashish is responsible for the overall strategy, execution, finance, talent-acquisition and growth of Bluelupin. He also co-founded Correlation Technologies, which was acquired by US based EdTech. A cloud, web technology and Devop expert, he has over 15 years experience in building large enterprise banking, education and retail systems. He loves photography and science fictions.

Tushar Gupta

Co-founder, UX Head

Tushar is a seasoned designer, developer & entrepreneur with 18 years experience & wear multiple hats. He is responsible for product UX strategy, product management & overall operation. When he’s not at work, you can find him holidaying at famous tourist places or exploring new ones. He focuses on the value of mentoring his team, or facilitating collaboration with awesome clientele.

Subodh Pushpak

Co-founder, CTO

Subodh is accomplished developer, mentor and communicator. Though a polygot programmer on various mobile and web platforms, he is well known name in Microsoft community. He has over 14 years experience in designing architecture for large enterprise grade systems. He is responsible for product architecture, direction and mentorship of development teams in Bluelupin.